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  1) The government is taking effective(有效的)measures to overcome current difficulties.

  2) We are making further efforts to decrease the cost of production.

  3) The local government has get up a number of colleges and technical schools to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding economy in the region.

  4) They have done pretty well in coping with the problem of storing radioactive(放射性的)was

  5) The school authorities have done much in the way of improving working and living conditions for the teachers.

  6) Ways must be found to assure our children a decent start(良好的开端)in life.

  7) The scientific approach to a problem lies first of all in collecting as much data as possible.

  8) In some countries, the constitution(宪法)forbids the military use of nuclear energy.

  9) In order to stabilize the economy, the government has worked hard to lower the rate of inflation(通货膨胀)。

  10) A great deal has been done to protect the children from the harmful influence of bad books.

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