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  1) Partly because of increased awareness, the incidence(发病率)of AIDS has dropped in many U.S. cities.

  2) This is probably because of the way we are taught as children.

  3) Because of excellent weather conditions and extremely strong signals, Venusian scientists were able to get valuable information as to the feasibility of a manned flying saucer landing on Earth.

  4) Because of the pressure(压力)of examinations, many students are left with little or no free time.

  5) How one presents himself at an interview will often decide whether or not he will be given a job.

  6) Perhaps it’s because few of us know how to accept compliments(赞扬)gracefully

  7) Because of this defensive reaction, direct compliments are surprisingly difficult to give.

  8) That is why some of the most valued pats on the back are those which come to us indirectly, in a letter or passed on by a friend.

  9) That is why housework is considered such a dreary grind(乏味的苦差事).

  10) I don’t teach because teaching is easy for me. Nor do I teach because I think I know answers, or because I have knowledge I feel compelled (非得)to share.

  11) I teach because I like the pace of the academic calendar; I teach because teaching is a profession built on change; I teach because I like the freedom to make my own mistakes.

  12) I have left out the most important reasons why I teach.

  13) The reason for this is that technology feeds on itself

  14) Owing to fierce competition among the airlines, travel expenses have been lowered considerably.

  15) Owing to the lack of coordination between the two sides, the project has made little progress so far.

  16) The teacher tried to encourage her students to become less dependent on their parents because they would sooner or later have to take care of themselves.

  17) Yet the public has every reason to be wary of professional deception(欺骗)

  18) At times, they see important reasons to lie for the patient’s own sake.

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